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Tang Mi, member of the Standing Committee of Yubei District Committee and executive deputy head of the district government, and his party came to our company to investigate and guide the work.



On April 11, Tang Mi, member of the standing Committee of the Yubei District CPC Committee and executive deputy head of the district government, and his party came to our company to investigate and guide the work. Standing Committee member Tang encouraged and affirmed the company's market achievements last year, inquired in detail about the progress of the company's listing this year and gave important guidance.

Accompanied by Chairman Xu Bin, Tang Standing Committee visited the company's office space, production workshop and Artek Testing Company to inquire about and understand the company's product development, production and market conditions. While encouraging the company's market performance, it affirmed Artek's breakthrough in product development and innovation. General Manager Xu introduced the establishment and planning of Arteco Engineering Research Institute. Tang Standing Committee stressed that this is the core competitiveness of the enterprise. He expected the company to speed up the full play of the research institute's industrial booster and technology incubator functions and build a domestic brand with international competitiveness in the field of environmental test equipment.

Tang and his party also visited Chongqing Artek Environmental Reliability Testing Technology Co., Ltd., which, as a subsidiary of Artek's controllable shares, is the first testing company that Artek can implement a dual-drive development model and build a third-party testing organization and laboratory cluster. Standing Committee Tang and his entourage entered the laboratory to visit various testing and testing equipment. Standing Committee Tang fully affirmed the practice of relying on the company's technology and equipment strength to expand the business scope of the company, while also creating a display and publicity window, and hoped that the Artek laboratory cluster would expand The coverage area will play a greater role in the entire Artek system, and provide testing and measurement services for more companies, and achieve better results.

Tang Standing Committee asked about the planning and construction of the company's new factory area, saying that the district government would solve the problems for the enterprise and welcome the enterprise to communicate and coordinate with the relevant departments in charge if it has difficulties. Tang Standing Committee also on this year's epidemic situation on the impact of the enterprise made a detailed inquiry and understanding, hope that the company in the current situation, adhere to do a good job of products, based on their own, first of all, the enterprise itself to do a good job and strong, Tang Standing Committee said Yubei District on the growth of good enterprises will give support and encouragement.

Chairman Xu Bin expressed his gratitude to the district party Committee and the district government for their concern and support for the company over the years. Xu Zong said that Artest will take root in Yubei and do a good job in the subdivision of environmental test equipment. At the same time, the enterprise will strive to overcome the impact of this year's epidemic and continue to maintain high-speed growth according to the listing standards and requirements. Artest will deepen the building of core competitiveness and make greater contributions to the development of the environmental test industry.