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Member of the Standing Committee of Yubei District Committee and Deputy District Mayor Yang Fan and his party came to our company to investigate and guide the work.



On February 15th, Yang Fan, member of the Standing Committee of the Yubei District Committee and Deputy District Mayor of Chongqing, accompanied by the leaders of the Yubei District Government Office, the District Finance Office, the Science and Technology Bureau and other relevant departments, came to our company to investigate and guide the work. After listening to Chairman Xu Bin's introduction to the company, Yang Fan affirmed and praised the company's achievements last year, and put forward suggestions and expectations for the company's listing this year and future development.

Accompanied by Chairman Xu Bin, john young and his party visited the assembly workshop, debugging workshop, research and development department, etc. While understanding the company's product research and development and production, they also listened to the company's current situation report on the product line and project team. Xu Zong also introduced the establishment and planning of Artaico Engineering Research Institute. Yang Fan said that Artest can expand market space according to the industrial upgrading of demand-side industries and carry out industrial development through mechanism innovation, which is worthy of recognition and encouragement. She hopes Artest can continue to be guided by innovation and research and development, accelerate development through capital introduction, give full play to the booster and incubator functions of Artest Innovation Engineering Research Institute (Center), and build a domestic brand with international appeal in the field of environmental testing.

Yang Fan and his party also visited Chongqing Artco Environmental Reliability Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Yang Fan and his party entered the laboratory to visit various testing and testing equipment. Yang Fan fully affirmed the practice of relying on the company's technology and equipment strength to expand the business scope of the company, while also creating display and publicity windows, and hoped that the Artek laboratory cluster would expand the coverage area, play a greater role in the entire Artek system, and provide testing and measurement services for more companies, and achieve better results by going up one tall building.

Before the end of the investigation, Yang Fan specifically inquired about the construction progress and situation of the company's new factory area, and expressed the concern and support of the Yubei District Government. Mr. Xu thanked the district party committee and the district government for their concern and support for the company over the years, saying that while the company develops and grows, it will also fulfill its due social responsibility, repay the society with good business performance, and make positive contributions to social and economic development.