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The Spring Festival is approaching! Artek company wishes new and old users friends from all walks of life a happy New Year!


2022 is fleeting, in this year, in the face of the epidemic and other aspects of the pressure, Arteco people work together, hard work up to achieve great results, in this Arteco company sincerely thank all colleagues and new and old customers, service providers, suppliers have been supporting.

Looking forward to the new year, Artest will accelerate its pace and strengthen independent innovation on the existing basis, not only in the cliché technology innovation, but also in the management model innovation, discard dross, optimize management, and strengthen execution. Ability, so as to improve work efficiency. We are well aware that there are still many deficiencies, but please believe that in the new year, Artest will blossom in all aspects of market development, after-sales service, technological innovation, and management system construction.

Finally, to all the staff members who have worked hard for a year! Thank you for your sweat and dedication in 2022. I hope everyone will not be arrogant or impetuous in the new year, maintain a good style, carry forward the spirit of never giving up and never complaining, and achieve greater victories! I wish everyone good health and all the best in the Spring Festival!