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Tan Qing, deputy secretary of Yubei District Committee and head of Yubei District, and his party came to our company to investigate and guide the work.


On July 8, Tan Qing, deputy secretary of the Yubei District CPC Committee and district mayor, accompanied by relevant responsible persons such as Yubei District Government Office, Economic and Information Commission, Science and Technology Bureau, Finance Office, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, Taxation Bureau and Innovation Economic Corridor Company, came to our company to investigate and guide the work. District Mayor Tan expressed his affirmation and support for the company's current work, and put forward new requirements and expectations for the company's next stage of development.

This survey is for the mayor of Tan Qing to go deep into some companies and technology companies to be listed in Yubei District to understand the business development of the company on the spot, listen to the development needs of the company, and make suggestions for the development of the company.

Accompanied by the person in charge of the company, Mayor Tan visited the company's office space and production workshop, learned more about the company's product development, production, and sales, and asked about the company's difficulties in promoting listing. After learning that the company has completed the shareholding system transformation and equity incentives for core employees, and is now stepping up time to improve the level of research and development and expand the scale of income, Mayor Tan requested that all relevant departments should adhere to goal-oriented, problem-oriented, and result-oriented, and take the initiative to serve., Forward service, strive to solve the difficult pain points and blocking points in the process of promoting listing for enterprises, and leverage the capital market to introduce financial "living water", help accelerate the pace of corporate listing.

After visiting the company, District Mayor Tan and his entourage communicated with the person in charge of the company in the company conference room. The district chief asked about some specific problems the company is currently facing. After carefully listening to the situation of the person in charge of the company, he communicated with the leaders of the accompanying relevant departments. On-site work communication and coordination.

Mayor Tan Qing pointed out that the listing of enterprises is an important symbol to measure the core competitiveness of a city, an important force to promote economic transformation and upgrading, and an important support for broadening financing channels. All relevant departments in the region should deepen their ideological understanding, establish a clear guidance that enterprises must be listed in order to grasp the modern economy, take promoting the listing of enterprises and improving the level of economic securitization as an important starting point for economic work, and vigorously support the listing and financing of enterprises in Yubei. With a higher position, greater strength, and more practical measures, accelerate the promotion of corporate listing, stimulate corporate innovation vitality, and provide a strong impetus for the high-quality development of Yubei District. Finally, Mayor Tan hopes that Ataike can continue to develop and grow, enhance the strength of the enterprise, become a leading benchmark enterprise in the industry, and make greater contributions to the manufacturing industry of our city and the development of national environmental test equipment.


On the day before Tan District Chief visited the company for investigation and investigation, Director Bai Xiaoqin of the District Finance Office and relevant experts of Shanghai Stock Exchange went to the company to communicate and guide the work. Director Bai listened to the introduction of the company's equity financing and other aspects and put forward pertinent suggestions. Director Bai pointed out that at present Yubei District Party Committee and District Government attaches great importance to and supports high-quality enterprises in the district to embark on the scientific innovation board, hoping Artai can seize the opportunity and make preparations in advance.

After listening to the report of the person in charge of the company on the basic situation of the company and the development of the listing work, the experts of the Shanghai Stock Exchange reminded that the key to the success of the listing lies in the continuous production capacity, operating performance, legal compliance and other aspects. The Shanghai Stock Exchange welcomes Artek to be listed on the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Board, and will strengthen cooperation and exchanges with the company in the future to provide good services for the company's listing.