ATEC Evaporative airtight test chamber


The evaporative sealed test chamber is mainly used to measure the fuel evaporative pollutant emissions under the conditions specified by the national standard/European standard/American standard and other regulations. The tests include: hot soaking loss, refueling loss, 24h/48h/72h daytime loss. The temperature control range is 15~60 ℃, which can simulate two modes of constant temperature and diurnal temperature change. GB18352.3-2005 light-duty vehicle pollutant emission limits and measurement methods that meet the test standards (China Phase III and IV) GB18352.5-2013 light-duty vehicle pollutant emission limits and measurement methods (China Phase 5)

High and low temperature hub test chamber of ATEC vehicle


The hub test chamber is a very important test equipment in the process of automobile product development. Through the hub test, not only the power of the car can be tested, but also the power, economy, comfort and operational stability of multiple working conditions can be measured. Through this technical means to accelerate the development of the automobile industry, narrow the product development cycle, save product development costs, improve the indicators of the car has an important role. This hub test chamber is different from the traditional fuel vehicle hub test chamber. The equipment is specially customized for new energy electric vehicles. It simulates the whole vehicle under real extreme ambient temperature to detect various items of the new energy vehicle battery pack during power test.

ATEC Artest Dynamometer Bench Environmental Chamber


This equipment is used for the durability test bench of the drive motor, which meets the test standards of IEC60068-2-78, IEC60068-2-30 and GB/T18488.2-2015. Test methods for motors and controllers for electric vehicles. The dynamometer in the structure and process to make a number of targeted treatment, the final product parameters standard, excellent performance, perfect curve. Adopt the design of towing structure, supplemented by the linear guide rail of Taiwan Shangyin, which is convenient for the movement of the box body; Adopt the design of double doors, in which the gate at the junction with the motor bracket is fixed on the motor bracket; The combination part of the motor and the bench

Walk-in full-spectrum sunlight simulation test cabin


Full spectrum sunlight simulation, meeting relevant standards such as GJB150.7-86, GJB150A.7-2009,IEC60068-2-5,GJB4.12-83, etc. Internal dimensions: depth 8000mm × width 5000mm × height 3500mm temperature range:-30 ℃ ~ +65 ℃ humidity range: 20% ~ 95% sunlight simulation in ambient temperature range: (full spectrum) radiation intensity: 600~1200W/㎡ (adjustable) irradiation range: 6000mm x 2200mm irradiation uniformity: 10%

Four-pillar tire coupling road simulation environmental chamber (with sunlight simulation)


This equipment has a large adjustment range of vehicle wheelbase and wheelbase, and adopts automatic adjustment, which is convenient and quick, and improves equipment operation efficiency. The cover plate of this equipment is made of heat insulation material, which has better heat insulation effect. The cover plate is moved by automatic device, which is more convenient.

Infrared vehicle environmental test chamber (a unit in Nanchang)


This vehicle cold start environmental chamber is used for the performance test of electric vehicles with motor power ≤ 150kW, providing environmental simulation conditions with temperature of -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃. Technical specifications: temperature control range:-20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃ humidity range: relative humidity: 30 ~ 95% infrared radiation lamp: maximum 1200±25W/m2, uniformity 10% adjustment range: 30% ~ 100 when there is no light, humidity control is 30% ~ 95%; There is no condensation in the cabin during the low temperature test with light humidity control of 30%-80%.

Vehicle comprehensive performance environmental test chamber (hub infrared sunlight simulation) (a unit in Shandong)


The environmental chamber is mainly used for vehicle high and low temperature storage test, vehicle defrosting, defogging performance test, vehicle cold start performance test, vehicle heating and cooling performance test, vehicle thermal balance test, high and low temperature resistance test of parts, etc. The product is mainly composed of the main body of the climate simulation laboratory, the temperature rise and fall device, the fresh air/tail exhaust system, the sunlight simulation system, the temperature acquisition system in the warehouse, and the electrical control system. The use of cascade screw compressor unit distributed IO control system application equipment reliability to improve the service life of the compressor to extend the power balance, energy saving and environmental protection control system more flexible and reliable.

ATEC ice water impact test chamber


Ice water impact test (temperature impact test of surge water) is to simulate the load situation of surge water generated when the components are driven through the accumulated water, so as to ensure the functional stability of the components under the condition of rapid cooling due to water. If the vehicle is driving on a watery road in winter, ice water splashes onto a hot system/component, the failure mode is mechanical rupture of the material or seal failure due to different temperature expansion coefficients. (This test is not a corrosion test) Reference standard ISO16750-4-2010 road vehicles. Environmental conditions and test VW80000 for electrical and electronic equipment: 2009 Volkswagen electrical and electronic components
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