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Cohesion Producing Strength Happiness Originates from Team-Sideson of Stalagmite Mountain Expansion Activities in Yongchuan, Artek


From April 17 to 18, 2021, the headquarters of Chongqing ataico Technology Co., Ltd. carried out a two-day outdoor expansion activity with the theme of "cohesion, strength, happiness comes from the team. The purpose of this activity is to strengthen the construction of the company's staff, enhance the mutual communication between employees, and cultivate and exercise team spirit and sense of cooperation. On the morning of the 17th, all the staff took a special bus to the expansion site-Yongchuan stalagmite mountain. after arriving at the destination, all the members immediately took part in the expansion activities without stopping. after the coach announced the team rules such as mentality adjustment and prohibition, all the members were divided into six groups and passed through one group.

2014 Advanced Individual Commendation Conference


In order to commend the advanced, enhance the sense of belonging, and further stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees, on February 15, 2015, Artest held the 2014 Advanced Individual Recognition Conference at the headquarters. The conference called on the majority of employees to learn from the advanced, in the new year, strengthen their confidence, and work hard.

2014 Zhuhai Marathon


Following the Guangzhou and Shenzhen Marathons, the general manager of ATEC Beijing Sales Company participated in the 2014 Zhuhai Marathon in Zhuhai, reflecting the continuous struggle and enterprising spirit of ATEC people.

2014 Summer Games Ends Successfully


In order to carry forward the Olympic spirit, enhance the cohesion of employees, enhance the sense of ownership of employees, and feel the warmth of the big family. The 2014 Summer Games. In the movement, the spirit of striving for the top means that the efficiency of the enterprise is booming and there is a good momentum of progress and development.
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