Thermal vacuum test chamber (a research institute in Hunan)


Adopting advanced heat sink temperature control method, excellent temperature uniformity and conductivity, reaching advanced European standards

National military standard sand and dust test chamber


The test chamber consists of the following parts: test chamber body, blowing system, heating and cooling air conditioning system, drying and dehumidification system, powder/sand dust recovery and feeding system, sample turntable system, power distribution and control system. Main Indicators Blowing Section: 1000 × 1000(W×H)mm Temperature Range: RT ~ 60 ℃ Humidity Range: ≤ 30% RH Time Range: 1~99 h59m59s (Adjustable) Sand Blowing Test Sand Diameter: 150um≥ Particle Diameter Sand Blowing Concentration: 10.6±7 g/m Wind Speed 1.5~8.9 m/s

Military Standard Rain Test Chamber (A Research Institute of AVIC)


The test chamber conforms to the standard GJB150.8A-2009, which is used for military equipment or electronic products to simulate dynamic operation under various intensity rain environment, and the rain test method and main parameters of military equipment. Rain test, dripping rain test and strengthening test can be realized in one test chamber. Rainfall and rain blowing test parameters Rainfall intensity: 10~20 cm/h Wind speed: 5 m/s ~ 20 m/s Raindrop diameter: 0.5-4.5mm Test time: continuous test ≥ 30min, adjustable set raindrop speed: about 9 m/s Enhanced rain test parameters Spray

CST3000-2T temperature shock test chamber (a company of AVIC)


Test chamber design: divided into high and low temperature greenhouse, simple high temperature, low temperature test, temperature shock test, the basket can be switched between high and low temperature greenhouse mobile. Low greenhouse temperature range:-70 ℃ ~ normal temperature high greenhouse temperature range: normal temperature ~ 150 ℃ temperature deviation: 2 ℃ (under constant temperature no-load state) temperature fluctuation: ≤ 1 ℃ (under constant temperature no-load state) temperature gradient:<1 ℃/m and total temperature difference does not exceed 2.2 ℃ (no-load) temperature change rate: (under simple high temperature or low temperature test) temperature rise rate: normal temperature ~ 135 ℃, average heating rate ≥

Temperature, humidity, height explosion decompression test chamber (a military measurement and testing institute)


Temperature, humidity, height explosive decompression test chamber (514, Beijing Oriental Institute of Metrology and Testing) not only meets the temperature, humidity, height test, but also meets the rapid decompression test and explosive decompression test. During the explosion decompression test, the equipment records were collected 10 times within 0.1S, and the sampling accuracy was high. Product index: temperature range:-70 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ humidity range: 20% to 95% r. h. air pressure range: normal pressure ~ 0.1KPa rapid decompression: 75.2KPa ~ 18.8KPa, explosive decompression completed within 15s: 75.2KPa ~ 18

Climate environment simulation vehicle test cabin (a unit of aerospace)


Model: The UCG3168-6085 laboratory is divided into two parts: high cabin and low cabin, which can be used alone or as a whole. The structure is shown in the figure. The device is 20 meters high, 32 meters long and nearly 15 meters wide. The equipment is divided into two compartments, 2592m in the high compartment and 576m in the low compartment, totaling 3168m. The purpose of the vehicle climate test chamber is to solve the reliability test verification of ultra-high and ultra-large vehicle-mounted weapons in the military. It mainly simulates whether the vehicle-mounted weapons can ensure reliable and stable performance under different climatic conditions in different regions.
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