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ATEC ATEC Fuel Cell Pipeline Environmental Chamber


Recently, ATEC Artest can successfully deliver the fuel cell engine pipeline environmental chamber developed by a heavy-duty automobile group to customers for acceptance. The product aims at the pipeline climate simulation of the fuel cell in the plateau state, realizes the accurate simulation fluctuation test of the plateau temperature, plateau air pressure and plateau oxygen content at the suction end of the fuel cell, and has the hydrogen explosion-proof function of the whole machine.
In the development process, the technical department to overcome a number of difficulties:
1, to solve the fuel cell work when the instantaneous generation of large heat, resulting in temperature fluctuations in the cabin;
2. Simultaneous control of the fuel cell suction demand and the plateau temperature, plateau air pressure and plateau oxygen content of the fresh air;
3. When the fuel cell is working, a large exhaust volume is generated instantly, which leads to the stability of the plateau air pressure at the exhaust end.
The test system is mainly composed of 8 parts, divided into test chamber, refrigeration unit, fresh air system, control system, discharge system, vacuum system, hydrogen pre-cooling system, explosion-proof safety system.
The whole set of equipment has the function of simulating environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and air pressure in the natural environment. It can simulate and assess the comprehensive superimposed environmental effects such as temperature, humidity and low air pressure often encountered by fuel cell engines. It is suitable for environmental test items of fuel cell engines, temperature and humidity tests of other components, and pipeline height tests.
And meet the following tests for the environmental simulation of a fuel cell engine with a maximum power of 150KW:
Low temperature test (low temperature storage, starting, performance);
High temperature test (high temperature storage start, performance);
Damp heat test (high temperature damp heat);
Temperature altitude test (air pressure simulation);
It can be used for the cold start test of commercial vehicles.