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Liao Hongjun, executive deputy district chief of Yubei District, and his party came to our company to investigate and guide the work.


On January 14, Liao Hongjun, Executive Deputy District Mayor of Yubei District, Chongqing City, accompanied by relevant leaders such as Yubei District Government Office, District Finance Office, District Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, Airport Economy Company, Innovation Economic Corridor Company, etc., came to our company Investigate and guide work. Governor Liao affirmed and praised the company's work at this stage, and put forward new requirements and expectations for the company's future development.
(The picture shows: Mr. Xu Bin, Chairman of Artco, introduced the company's development and planning to Governor Liao and his party.)
Mr. Xu Bin, chairman of the company, gave a warm reception and introduced our products and the development of the industry to Governor Liao. Governor Liao and relevant leaders made detailed inquiries and understanding of our product application and product technology, and asked about the company's development plan and strategic deployment in the next three years. Chairman Xu Bin made a detailed report on relevant work. District Mayor Liao is very optimistic about the company's future development prospects, saying that for the development needs of high-quality enterprises, relevant government departments will strongly support and provide corresponding assistance. Artest has the obligation and ability to make its due contribution to China's environmental test equipment industry.
(The picture shows: Governor Liao understands the technological integration and market application of Arteke's product advantages.)
Chief Liao and his entourage also visited Chongqing Artek Environmental Reliability Testing Technology Co., Ltd., which is located next to the factory building. As a subsidiary of Artek's controllable shares, the company is the first testing company that Artek can implement a dual-drive development model and build a third-party testing organization and laboratory cluster. District Chief Liao and his entourage entered the laboratory and visited various testing and testing equipment. District Chief Liao fully affirmed the practice of relying on the company's technology and equipment strength to expand the business scope of the company while also creating a display and publicity window, and hoped that Artek The laboratory cluster expands its coverage area, plays a greater role in the entire Artek system, and provides testing and measurement services for more companies, and achieves better results by going up one storey.
(The picture shows: Governor Liao visited the laboratory of Arteke Chongqing Testing Company and put forward development expectations)
Before the leadership team ended the inspection, District Mayor Liao asked about some specific issues the company is currently facing. After carefully listening to Chairman Xu Bin's feedback, he communicated and coordinated on-site work with the leaders of relevant departments accompanying him. Finally, District Mayor Liao expressed the hope that Artaike can continue to develop and grow, enhance the strength of the enterprise, become a leading benchmark enterprise in the industry, and make greater contributions to the city's manufacturing industry and the development of national environmental test equipment.