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Gao Gong's Hydrogen and Electricity Writing-Chongqing Arteko: Building a National Brand of Environmental Testing Equipment


In recent years, as the country has raised the hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry to a strategic position, the development and application of hydrogen fuel cells have been put on the agenda.
From the hydrogen fuel cell installation situation, high-industry research institute of hydrogen power (GGII) data show that in 2019, the domestic hydrogen fuel cell installed capacity of 128 MW, an increase of 140.49 percent year-on-year; in the first half of 2020, under the haze of the epidemic, the domestic hydrogen fuel cell installed capacity is still up to 29.67MW.
However, the rapid development of hydrogen fuel cell industry is also facing great challenges, especially the environmental security technology of hydrogen fuel cell.
"Safety is undoubtedly an important issue in the various operation evaluations of hydrogen fuel cell R & D and production links, as well as the simulation evaluation of performance and operation technology under various working conditions." Industry insiders have repeatedly stressed to the high-tech hydrogen power. Hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen fuel cell engine systems will undergo harsh simulation tests before mass production, especially harsh environmental simulation tests, such as temperature resistance, humidity resistance, salt spray, IP protection, altitude, cold start, etc., all require the participation of environmental test equipment.
Among them, Chongqing Koataike Technology Co., Ltd. (ATEC), an enterprise that has focused on environmental simulation testing for 14 years, has become famous for its high cost performance, timely after-sales service, and its ability to quickly solve problems encountered in production, and has become a leader in this field.
Inheriting European technology to meet hydrogen fuel cell ring testing requirements
Chongqing Arteco, referred to as ATEC, was founded in 2006. At the beginning of its establishment, ATEC and ACS, a subsidiary of the Italian group company, jointly developed and manufactured the world's advanced environmental test equipment and undertook large-scale reliability environmental engineering. By the seventh year of cooperation, ATEC has bought back all the shares of ACS by virtue of its own strength, vigorously absorbed the world's advanced environmental simulation test technology and strict quality control concept, and optimized and innovated, becoming a well-deserved leader in this field.
"A large part of ATEC's technology has inherited European technology. Our technology can be said to be improved and developed on top of their technology." ATEC chief engineer Zhou Jian told Gao Gong hydrogen power.
In fact, it is through this combination of Chinese and foreign development and innovation that today's ATEC has become an innovative well-known brand that is superior to its peers and has completely independent intellectual property rights.
Specifically in the field of hydrogen fuel cells, in order to further develop the environmental test chamber technology in the field of hydrogen fuel cells, ATEC set up a special automotive division as early as 2014. After six years of exploration and research, the company has launched a series of environmental test equipment specially used for hydrogen fuel cell research and development, such as hydrogen-related high temperature test chamber, temperature and humidity test chamber, plateau simulation test chamber, etc.
Among them, the high and low temperature (damp heat) test chamber mainly tests the working conditions and stability of hydrogen fuel cells and their systems in different temperature and humidity environments, including safety in extreme environments. It is worth mentioning that the application scenarios of environmental simulation test equipment It is very extensive, such as aerospace, military, shipbuilding, electrical and electronic, medical and other fields, but in the field of hydrogen fuel cells, due to the particularity of hydrogen, the requirements of the corresponding equipment are significantly higher than those of other application scenarios.
Special test box for new energy hydrogen oxygen battery
First, the safety level of the test chamber used for hydrogen fuel cell and system experiments is high. If the laboratory is an explosion-proof laboratory involving hydrogen environment, the entire environmental test box (including box body, unit, control cabinet, etc.) needs to be designed for explosion-proof of the whole machine. Or adopt split type, I .e. the box adopts full explosion-proof and is arranged in a hydrogen-related room; However, other modules such as unit and control cabinet are placed in a non-hydrogen-related room in a regular way. If the laboratory is a non-explosion-proof laboratory, only explosion-proof in the environmental box (including air conditioning unit, fan, sensor, heating, lighting, exhaust, pressure relief to be explosion-proof, and anti-static, fire-proof design, etc.) is required to ensure the safety of hydrogen leakage in the box.
Second, the test chamber should monitor the hydrogen concentration in the chamber in real time during the test to avoid the impact of hydrogen leakage on safety during the test, and carry out safety linkage with the exhaust system and the test bench.
Three is the fire extinguishing requirements, the test box is equipped with flame detectors to heptafluoropropane and other corresponding automatic and manual fire extinguishing devices.
The fourth is the relatively large heat dissipation characteristics of the stack or battery engine. How to ensure the stability and reliability of the test under the condition of large heat dissipation is also different from the traditional environmental box.
In addition, according to the test requirements of the hydrogen fuel cell, the test box is required to have a fresh air system, a tail exhaust system, a water-hydrogen-air interface, and a reserved hydrogen temperature control interface to ensure that the hydrogen entering the fuel cell engine is consistent with the temperature of the environmental box.
ATEC has now met the above requirements, and has good stability and dynamics. At present, ATEC's main customers include: Dalian Ruige, Xinyuan Power, Shanghai Motor Vehicle Testing Center, Qunyi Energy, Guohong Hydrogen Energy, Ji Chong Hydrogen Energy, Remodeling Energy, Jinan Heavy Truck, Jiangsu Rugao Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park, etc.
The following figure shows ATEC developing a special test box for new energy hydrogen and oxygen batteries for Dalian Ruige. The test chamber active protection and passive protection has multiple unique protection design, can prevent and reduce the battery in the development process may produce leakage, explosion and other accidents.
New energy hydrogen-oxygen battery special container split explosion-proof test box
Adhere to the "equipment service" dual-drive strategy
The environmental simulation test equipment runs through the whole production cycle from development to production and factory, and the market prospect is broad. However, as far as the hydrogen fuel cell industry is concerned, as the whole industry is in the initial stage of development, the ring testing equipment is far from the commercial stage.
The number of third-party laboratories is also small, and the competition pattern has not been formed. However, the third-party laboratory obviously has the advantages of independence, impartiality, objectivity and high cost performance. At the same time, seizing this market is also of great benefit to enhance its brand influence. The keen ATEC immediately captured this business opportunity.
In 2017, ATEC creatively combined the development and service of the equipment to launch the two-wheel drive mode. Among them, "development" refers to the research and development, design, and manufacturing of equipment; "service" refers to the provision of environmental and reliability test services for enterprises in the field of hydrogen fuel cells. Combining the two, ATEC has launched a nationwide laboratory cluster, including Chongqing Laboratory, Guizhou Laboratory, Beijing Laboratory and Shanghai Laboratory.
Special test chamber for fuel cell
Among them, Chongqing Laboratory (full name: Chongqing Arteco Environmental Reliability Testing Technology Co., Ltd.), Guizhou Laboratory (full name: Guizhou Arteco Testing Technology Co., Ltd.) and Shanghai Laboratory (full name: Shanghai Arteco Testing Technology Co., Ltd.) have obtained the "Laboratory Accreditation Certificate of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment" with the certificate number of CNASL11186.
Test equipment manufacturing power test services, test services to create brand premium capabilities. The layout of ATEC is superior. With the continuous improvement of business scale and brand awareness driven by enterprises in this part, ATEC's market share will be more concentrated. Under the "Matthew effect" of the strong, the status of ATEC "strong" will be further consolidated.
Adhere to the concept of quality, build a national brand
Although ATEC is a leading enterprise in the field of environmental test equipment in China, and has made remarkable achievements, it has a clear and humble understanding of its own environment and industrial characteristics.
Zhou Jian told Gao Gong that there is still a certain gap between domestic enterprises in the field of environmental simulation test equipment and top foreign enterprises. There are many reasons for this situation: first, China started relatively late in this field. Compared with the 100 or 200-year industrial accumulation of western developed countries, the domestic industrial system only started to be built when the people's Republic of China was founded, and the environmental simulation test only emerged nearly 20 years after the establishment of the domestic industrial system.
On the other hand, the technical basis of domestic environmental model test is relatively weak. At present, ATEC has three comprehensive equipment (mechanical, temperature and humidity integrated), related to this kind of equipment in the country has been a leader, but abroad, such as the United States, has achieved six comprehensive equipment or even seven comprehensive equipment.
However, this does not mean that domestic environmental simulation test equipment companies have no hope of catching up.
ATEC believes that domestic enterprises have a price advantage over foreign enterprises. In addition, foreign enterprises will not provide to the domestic market in specific fields, such as military industry, precision machine tools, high-tech fields, etc., which brings opportunities to domestic enterprises. "These two major advantages have made up for the lack of domestic and foreign gaps to a certain extent, and ATEC will also give full play to this advantage, and rely on its own advantages in design and assembly technology to forge its own comprehensive competitiveness and embrace the domestic environment. The historical opportunity of rapid development of the simulation test equipment market." Zhou Jian said to Gao Gong's hydrogen power.
In fact, ATEC does have the strength to embrace emerging market opportunities.
ATEC has successively won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise", won the Innovation Fund of the National Science and Technology Commission, and has a number of technical patents. Through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, it can produce environmental test equipment that meets various international standards such as US military standards, IEC, DIN, etc. Products are widely used in national key laboratories and large third-party testing laboratories, involving aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships, automobiles, testing, electronics, railways, electric power, medical, new energy and scientific research institutions and many other key areas of the national economy.
ATEC is also the first company in the field of ring simulation test equipment to win the capital market. As far as the domestic environmental model test equipment market is concerned, due to the large number of customized products and the low entry threshold, the overall market still presents obvious characteristics such as "scattered" and "small. Even so, ATEC has been able to break through the barriers of industry development and successfully list on the New Third Board, which in itself reflects that ATEC has a healthier financial position and more standardized operation and management than its peers.
Two years ago, ATEC, as a representative company of China's environmental test equipment research and development and manufacturing, spoke for the quality of China's environmental model test equipment after harsh qualification examination and on-the-spot investigation by the "Quality" column group of CCTV-Discovery Tour.
In this program, Xu Bin, chairman and general manager of Arteco, reviewed the struggle of ATEC people to overcome obstacles and make continuous breakthroughs, and used a series of facts to show his colleagues and customers the story of ATEC's long-term adherence to quality and technology research and development.
You remember the spirit of Liangjian, "Any army has its own tradition. What is tradition? Tradition is a kind of character and a kind of temperament. This tradition and character are determined by the character and temperament of the first military chief when this army was formed. He injected soul into this army......".
Looking at ATEC today, a spirit of adhering to quality has also been injected into the blood of the enterprise. In the future, no matter how the industry changes, ATEC will be able to place itself in the forest of national brands representing "Chinese quality.