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Artec Shanghai Laboratory

Shanghai Artest Technology Co., Ltd. is a third-party testing organization with independent legal personality. The laboratory covers an area of 1000 m2 and is mainly engaged in the comprehensive test of environmental adaptability and reliability of military electronics, electrical and electronic, vehicles and parts, rail transit electronic products, transportation packaging, aerospace electronic products, communication electronic products, semiconductor chips, civil aircraft industrial environmental electronic products and other equipment. The test capability covers GJB 150, GJB150A, GJB 4, GJB 360B, GJB 367A, GJB 899A, GJB 1032, GB/T 2423, EN 300319, GB/T 21563, ISO 16750, GD 22 and other standards and specifications such as high temperature, low temperature, temperature shock, rapid temperature change, mold, salt spray, damp heat, solar radiation, vibration, shock, environmental stress screening, temperature/humidity/vibration three comprehensive environmental tests.
The company can undertake environmental and reliability tests with technical difficulties, complex processes and special requirements, and can also provide technical services such as environmental and reliability technology and method research, relevant standards and specifications, test technical training, product mechanical test failure analysis, etc.
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