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Artecho Beijing Laboratory

Beijing Hanglian Kehai Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as this laboratory), established in January 2018, is located in Fangshan District Technology Development Zone, Beijing. It is specialized in all kinds of military equipment, road vehicles, rail transit and other military and civilian products. Environmental adaptability testing and reliability testing, a third-party comprehensive laboratory with independent legal personality.
The laboratory has a high-quality test team, there are many influential environmental engineering experts at home and abroad. The laboratory has a series of electric vibration test systems with high thrust of 18t(180kN), high acceleration of 130g and large displacement of 100mm, and is equipped with more than 20 sets of various advanced and complete test equipment such as high temperature and high humidity three comprehensive test systems, 47m3 walk-in temperature and humidity chamber, rapid temperature change chamber, temperature and humidity test chamber, temperature impact chamber, low air pressure chamber, mold chamber, salt spray chamber, etc. The laboratory has established and maintained a sound management system, and can undertake environmental adaptability tests and reliability tests and test technology research with complex and difficult technology for national defense and national projects.
The laboratory can scientifically and accurately apply GJB150, GJB150A, GJB360, GJB899, GB2423, IEC and other series of standards and US military standards to carry out high temperature, low temperature, damp heat, temperature shock, rapid temperature change, salt spray, mold, vibration, shock (including classic shock, shock response spectrum, collision, shock), temperature/humidity/vibration three comprehensive tests and reliability tests and screening tests.
The laboratory adheres to the policy of "accurate and reliable data, scientific and fair conclusions, strict and standardized management, high-quality and efficient service", and sincerely serves our customers!
Business Scope
1. Main business
★Mechanical environment test: vibration, impact, drop, acceleration and other environmental tests and test technology research.
★Climate and environmental tests: high and low temperature, temperature cycle, temperature shock, damp heat, salt spray, mold, rain, sunshine, low pressure and other environmental tests and experimental technology research.
★Comprehensive environmental test: vibration + temperature, vibration + temperature + humidity and other environmental tests and test technology research.
★Reliability test: environmental stress screening, reliability growth, reliability appraisal, reliability enhancement test and test technology research.
2. Other comprehensive services
★Provide technical consultation, planning of test scheme and formulation of test outline.
★Field environment measurement, dynamic signal acquisition and processing analysis until the formation of test conditions or specifications.
★Assist the contractor to analyze and correct product failures and failures to zero.
★Assist the contractor and the user to conduct six-level assessments of environmental adaptability, reliability, testability, maintainability, supportability, and safety.
★Environmental and reliability technical training, sample fixture design, laboratory planning and design, etc. and help customers solve technical problems related to materials, processes/manufacturing, engineering applications and other technical problems encountered in the product development process.
Test equipment 
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