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Artec Chongqing Laboratory

Chongqing Ataiker Environmental Reliability Testing Technology Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Ataiker Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Ataiker Laboratory) were established in April 2017 and are located in Liangjiang New District of Chongqing and Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a holding laboratory of Chongqing Arteco Technology Co., Ltd., a comprehensive laboratory specializing in environmental adaptability testing and reliability testing of various products (including military equipment), and a third-party testing laboratory with independent legal status. Fully qualified to issue third-party testing reports.
Arteco Laboratory is presided over by a number of influential environmental engineering experts at home and abroad. It has established a perfect quality assurance system and a high-quality test team. It can undertake the environmental and reliability test tasks of various models, projects, complex technologies and large-scale products of the country and national defense, can scientifically and accurately carry out GJB150, GJB150A, GJB360, GJB899, GB2423, IEC standards, US military standards, industry standards and other series of standards such as high temperature, low temperature, humid heat, temperature shock, rapid temperature change, salt spray, acidic atmospheric pressure, mold, vibration, shock (including classic shock, shock response spectrum, collision, jolt), transportation, radiation, rain, sand dust, centrifugal acceleration, tensile test, temperature/humidity/vibration three comprehensive test; reliability test and screening test. At the same time, it can provide the planning and formulation of the test scheme for the entrusting unit. Dynamic signal acquisition and analysis, product fault analysis and diagnosis, environment and reliability technology training exchange, sample fixture design, laboratory planning and design, etc. At the same time, we can help customers solve various engineering, scientific and technical problems related to materials and parts encountered in product development, production, acceptance and other links.
Artek Laboratory has a series of electric vibration test systems with thrust of 1T ~ 16T(9.8kN ~ 160kN), a temperature/humidity/vibration three comprehensive test system with a maximum of 14m/16T, a mechanical impact system with a maximum acceleration of 50000g, an impact response spectrum test bench with a maximum peak value of 12000g, and a centrifugal test system with a maximum of 500g, rapid temperature change box with a maximum temperature change of 30 ℃/min, high temperature test box with a maximum temperature of 500 ℃, national standard, national military standard rain test box, national standard, national military standard sand and dust test box, mold box, salt spray box, acid atmospheric pressure test box, solar radiation test and stress screening system and other advanced and complete test equipment more than 50 sets.
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