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Zhang Guangli, deputy head of Yubei District Committee, and Liu Mingtao, vice chairman of the CPPCC, came to our company to investigate and guide the work.


On May 31, Zhang Guangli, member of the standing Committee of the Yubei District CPC Committee and deputy district mayor, and Liu Mingtao, vice chairman of the District CPPCC, visited our company in the relevant responsible persons of the District CPPCC Office, the District Economic and Information Commission, the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Airport Economic Company and Shuangfengqiao Street. Accompanied by the company leader Zhang Yong, we conducted field research and listened to the introduction of enterprise development, and asked about the practical difficulties encountered in the development of enterprises. During the investigation, the leaders first listened to the company's introduction of core products such as high and low temperature test chambers and warm flushing test chambers. Later, we came to the production workshop together to conduct detailed consultation on our product research and development, production and market. The company leaders all answered them one by one. Zhang Guangli encouraged and affirmed the company's market achievements and put forward new requirements and expectations for the company's development in the following stages.

Zhang Guangli and his entourage also visited Chongqing Artaico Environmental Reliability Testing Technology Co., Ltd., which is the first testing company that Artaico has built a third-party testing organization and laboratory cluster. It is the cornerstone of expanding the business scope of the company relying on the company's technology and equipment strength.

Before the end of the survey, Zhang Guangli said that taking the pain points and difficulties of enterprise development as the direction of efforts, it is necessary to innovate policies to promote enterprise development. We should pay close attention to the high-growth enterprises in the region, predict and plan ahead for the bottleneck problems encountered in the development of enterprises, and come up with incentive policies and solutions with the fastest speed and maximum strength to help enterprises achieve better and faster development.

Mr. Zhang expressed his gratitude to the district government for its strong support and care. Artek Technology Co., Ltd. will work harder and be pragmatic to return the trust of the government and society.