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Xu Hongbin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and his party came to our company to investigate and guide the work.


9Month15On the 1st, Xu Hongbin, secretary of the party Committee and director of Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau, accompanied by leaders of relevant departments in Yubei District, went to our company to investigate and guide the work. The person in charge of our company led the core team to receive them warmly.

Accompanied by the person in charge of our company, the leaders of Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau visited our new office space, production workshop and production test equipment. The person in charge of our company introduced in detail the market application, product research and development, technological innovation and research and development team, independent intellectual property rights, etc. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions on issues related to the independent innovation of Artec products, the commanding heights of industry technology, the direction of product technology research and development, and high-tech achievements.

During this period, Secretary Xu watched our environmental test equipment with great interest, expressed his affirmation and support for the company's current technological research and development and technological innovation, and put forward requirements and work expectations for our product development direction.

The purpose of this research isFully implement the innovation-driven development strategy, promote the deep integration of the innovation chain and the industrial chain, vigorously cultivate technology-based enterprises, and promote the development of enterprises and all parties in the industry,TechnologyExchanges in the fields of innovation and project cooperation, and accelerate the promotion of scientific and technological resources and the promotion of high-tech achievements.