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Congratulations on the publication of "Vibration Test and Application" edited by Comrade Shi Xiaowen of Shanghai Artai Detection Technology Co., Ltd.


Comrade Shi Xiaowen is the person in charge of Shanghai Artek Testing Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Artek Technology Holdings, and a member of the expert group of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Environmental Conditions and Environmental Tests for Electrical and Electronic Products (TC8/SC1).Recently, the book "Vibration Test and Application" co-edited by Shi Xiaowen, Jiang Zhen and Zhao Yi, as well as deputy editors of Wang Shurong, Artek Xu Bin, Xu Hao and Zhao Jiang, was successfully published. Congratulations!


  Vibration test is an important part of environmental test, which has attracted much attention because of its easy to find product defects. In the long-term vibration test work, the editor found that although the test method and test evaluation of vibration test have corresponding standards as the basis, but in different laboratories to implement the same vibration test, it is likely to use a completely different test method, may also get different test results. These "differences" plague the product and test and other related personnel, but also lead to the relevant personnel to question the test and the thorough inspection of the test method, resulting in unnecessary human, material andWaste of financial resources.

To this end, the editor combined with the relevant standards of vibration test and many years of experience in vibration test work, around the vibration temperature and humidity three comprehensive test and related work, from the perspective of vibration test application implementation, the use of real cases in the work to write a book, the contents and characteristics of the book are as follows.

1. Combination of theory and implementation: This book mainly includes the theory of vibration test and the application and implementation of vibration test. It is hoped that the application and implementation of vibration test will be based on the theory and have evidence to rely on, so as to enhance the confidence of the test.

2. Combination of standards: This book combines the relevant standards of vibration test, hoping to realize that every step of vibration test application and implementation meets the requirements of the standards. In view of the difference in test results caused by the tolerance tolerance range in vibration test standards, and the relevant personnel often judge the test results according to the failure or non-failure of products, this book advocates that the test personnel must keep improving during the test, as far as possible, the test shall be carried out to standard intermediate tolerances to reduce these differences.

3. Integration audit: This book integrates the requirements of quality system audit for the application and implementation of vibration test. It is hoped that the method of implementing vibration test application meets the requirements of quality system.

4. Longitudinal coherence: This book connects the relevant contents of the vibration test according to the implementation steps of the test, and each step of the implementation of the vibration test application is described in this book.


Finally, it is hoped that this book can play a positive role in improving the quality of vibration tests in various vibration laboratories, unifying the test methods of various vibration laboratories, improving the reproducibility of test results, reducing the redoing of tests caused by vibration test problems, and improving the efficiency and economy of vibration tests.