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ATEC can participate in the 14th China International Battery Technology Exhibition in CIBF2021 to obtain attention and recognition


The 14th China International Battery Technology Exchange Conference/Exhibition (CIBF2021) was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from March 19 to 21, 2021. CIBF is the largest exhibition event in the international battery industry, including a series of activities such as exhibitions, technical exchanges, information conferences and trade fairs. ATEC Artest products were widely used in the lithium battery industry and participated in this grand meeting. ATEC Artest received the attention of many energy storage industry enterprises and exhibitors at the exhibition site. ATEC Artest products were highly concerned and recognized. ATEC Artest can obtain corresponding market attention and harvest in this exhibition through communication with many lithium battery industry manufacturers and peers.
ATEC Artec's prototype is the newly developed test equipment (400C high and low temperature test box) with excellent performance index, brand-new appearance and advanced structure. This model will be used as the main model of CH model, SU model and other standard box series. This model has been widely praised and highly recognized in the delivery of users. In addition, there is a series of ovens developed by the experimental instrument branch company, which can be widely used in the lithium battery industry (the prototype is a vacuum drying oven). ATEC prototype products with superior performance, excellent indicators, original structure and excellent control system, access to on-site exhibitors and exhibition professionals of great interest and attention, the performance and quality of ATEC products have been fully affirmed.
In this exhibition, we not only received old customers to enhance friendship, but also made a lot of new friends. After talking happily, we exchanged the experience and feelings of ATEC equipment, further deepened the understanding of ATEC products, and laid a solid foundation and a good start for the next step of in-depth cooperation. The China International Battery Technology Exchange/Exhibition (CIBF2021) also has many peer manufacturers participating in it. Through this exhibition, we have technical exchanges and friendly communication with peer manufacturers, and understand the environmental testing industry in an atmosphere of mutual learning. The latest development status and market information.