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ATEC Chongqing Artecan Participate in 2019 Auto Testing and Quality Control Expo (China)


On September 24, ATEC Chongqing Artai can be invited to participate in the "2019 Automotive Testing and Quality Monitoring Expo (China)" (AutomotiveTesting Expo China2019).
As China's largest vehicle and component testing, verification technology and service exhibition, this event brings together the latest technologies and equipment in many automotive testing fields such as ADAS testing, NVH measurement tools, test benches, simulation packages, reliability/life cycle testing, environmental testing, durability testing technology, crash testing expertise, dynamometers, emission measurement systems and dynamic evaluation tools, as well as test yards and test facilities.
ATEC, as a well-known brand and listed enterprise in the domestic environmental test equipment industry, showed the company's 1.4m ³ self-lifting three-comprehensive test chamber and the newly designed 50L temperature impact test chamber to the vast number of new and old users in this exhibition-the products attracted many visitors with superior performance, excellent indicators, original structure and excellent control system, and the atmosphere was warm.
At present, ATEC has been at the forefront of the industry in the research and development of automobile testing equipment and related technologies, and its product quality is well-known. Whether it is a full-spectrum simulation test chamber, a four-column coupling principle simulation system, an evaporative sealed test chamber, a hub emission chamber (chassis dynamometer vehicle test chamber), and a three-synthesis, rapid temperature change, temperature shock, rain, salt spray, sand dust test chamber/chamber, many ATEC products have been widely used and have a good reputation in major automobile manufacturers, state key laboratories and famous third-party testing units.
As of the time of publication, the exhibition is still going on. ATEC has attracted the attention of many exhibition customers and even peers. ATEC has won high recognition and praise from participating peers and exhibition customers for its profound technical accumulation in automobile testing technology and selfless sharing in related technologies, process difficulties and solutions.