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Artest congratulates on a happy New Year in 2017-thanks for having you and traveling all the way.


The busy 2016 has passed in an instant. In this year, because of your attention, fatigue has become sweet, because of your cooperation, countercurrent has become smooth, because of your support, difficulties have become growth! Your trust is our wealth, and only with your approval can we achieve our present results. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, we express our deep gratitude!
We know that our customers' choice is not only in the choice of product quality, but also in the choice of service guarantee, but also in the choice of long-term partners. We are well aware that to let customers choose us, it cannot be a verbal promise, but requires lasting investment in research and development, ensuring product quality, insisting on improving services, and making services more professional and sincere.
In 2017, we will continue to communicate with our customers so that our products and services can better meet everyone's requirements. In 2017, we will maintain the long-term and healthy development of the company and enable us to become a long-term trusted partner of our customers. In 2017, we will take research and development innovation as the core, reliability guarantee as the foundation, and meet and realize the needs of our customers with industry-leading technologies and processes.
In 2016, Artest will be the first to be listed in the environmental test industry. In 2016, with remarkable achievements, we will vigorously build a core team. Our team is stronger than before. We have not only established a knowledge-based, innovative, united, dedicated and practical core team, but also set up a technology research and development center. In 2017, our products and services will be more and more recognized by the market.
Looking forward to the future, we will continue to work hard to keep pace with the times and wholeheartedly provide our customers with the best quality products and services. Please also continue to pay attention to our latest developments. Looking forward to better communication with you, looking forward to more cooperation with you, looking forward to another brilliant!
On this Spring Festival, I wish everyone good health! Family joy! All the best!