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Arteco: Special Report on 2016 Annual Meeting of the Company-Achieve Dreams


Time flies, time flies, in the endeavor and leap, 2016 quietly left. On January 21, 2017, all employees of Arteco Company gathered together to bid farewell to 2016, which has achieved remarkable results, and at the same time welcomed 2017 with enthusiasm.
The scene of the annual meeting was full of cheerful, warm and active atmosphere. Mr. Xu delivered a speech for the annual meeting, sincerely wished all colleagues in the company, and affirmed and praised everyone's work. While summarizing the work in 2016, I also described the company's development goals and direction to everyone, and expected all comrades to unite and forge ahead towards the common goal in the coming year.
The employees of all departments of the party sang or recited, and the program was brilliant, interspersed with lottery links, which constantly set off the climax of the annual meeting. The party not only brought laughter to everyone, but also brought colleagues closer to each other's hearts.
Facing 2017, we are full of longing and passion. Looking back on glory and harvest and looking forward to 2017, we are full of fighting spirit and hope. The company's blueprint for the future makes comrades excited. The future of the company is the future of all employees. The future and dreams are ahead. Let us use confidence and courage to blaze new trails, forge ahead and make our dreams come true.