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Yubei District Party Committee Secretary Yu Wenhui and his party came to our company to investigate and guide the work.



On October 19, Chongqing Yubei District Party Committee Secretary Yu Hui Wen and his party came to our company to investigate and guide the work. Xu Bin, chairman of the board of directors of Artek Company, personally received and accompanied the district leaders to inspect the work.

In the process of enterprise visit and investigation, Secretary Yu encouraged the company's market achievements this year, inquired in detail about the company's next strategic planning and layout, and gave important guidance.

Accompanied by Chairman Xu Bin, Secretary Yu visited the company's office space, production workshop and Chongqing laboratory to inquire about and understand the company's product development, production, and market conditions. While encouraging the company's market performance this year, it also affirmed Artek's product breakthroughs in R & D and innovation, and pointed out that this is the core competitiveness of the company and the basis for the listing of the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

Secretary Yu pointed out that at present, Yubei District Party Committee and District Government attaches great importance to and supports high-quality enterprises in the district to embark on the board, hoping that Artest can seize the opportunity and make preparations in advance. The Yubei District Government will vigorously support the listing and financing of Yubei enterprises, with a higher position, greater intensity, and more practical measures to accelerate the promotion of corporate listing, stimulate corporate innovation and vitality, and provide a strong impetus for the high-quality development of Yubei District. Finally, Secretary Yu hopes that while developing at a high speed, Artek can further strengthen and maintain its research and development efforts and leadership in core products, strive to become a leading benchmark enterprise in the industry, and make greater contributions to the manufacturing industry of our city and the development of national environmental test equipment.

Chairman Xu Bin thanked the district party committee and the district government for their concern and support for the company over the years. It said that while the company develops and grows, it will also fulfill its due social responsibilities, repay the society with good business performance, and make positive contributions to social and economic development.