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Artec was invited to participate in the 2021 China International Intelligent Industry Expo and successfully exhibited



On August 23, the 2021 China International Smart Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the 2021 Smart Expo) kicked off in Chongqing, Chongqing Ataico Technology Co., Ltd.Limited company debut at this conference, shareArtec Technology's innovative experience in the field of climate and environmental test equipment has brought professional climate and environmental test engineering solutions, with excellent products, advanced technology and innovative solutions as the engine to help build Chongqing's "City of Wisdom".

During this period, many leaders of Yubei District visited Yubei Intelligent Manufacturing Booth and pointed outThe theme of this year's Smart Expo is "Intelligence: Empowering the Economy and Adding Color to Life", focusing on digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and showcasing the achievements of Chongqing's "Smart Town" and "Smart City.

Over the years, Artest can be citedinto advanced technology, Excelsior process and assembly technology, with stable quality standards, in the market and user groups to gain reputation and trust.Chongqing is an important industrial base in the west, as ahigh and new technologyenterprises,ArtechoChongqing factory vigorously implements the innovation driven development strategy led by big data and intelligence, radiates the vast western market with Chongqing as the foothold, and actively promotes the "intelligent manufacturing" innovation of the industryRing testThe intelligent upgrading of the industry has played a good exemplary role.


Whether it'sClimate Environmental ReliabilityThe research and development of technology, orIntelligentTechnological innovation has been,ArtechoRight.Industrial Internet of Things, Intelligent Manufacturingall maintain a high level of attention. the future,ArtechoWe will always adhere to the concept of "customer-centered and service-oriented", work together with customers in the west and even the whole country, actively promote the development of digitalization and intelligence, and empower the construction of smart cities in China.