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Cohesion Producing Strength Happiness Originates from Team-Sideson of Stalagmite Mountain Expansion Activities in Yongchuan, Artek


From April 17 to 18, 2021, the headquarters of Chongqing ataico Technology Co., Ltd. carried out a two-day outdoor expansion activity with the theme of "cohesion, strength, happiness comes from the team. The purpose of this activity is to strengthen the construction of the company's staff, enhance the mutual communication between employees, and cultivate and exercise team spirit and sense of cooperation.
On the morning of the 17th, all the staff took a special bus to the expansion site-Yongchuan stalagmite mountain. after arriving at the destination, all the members immediately took part in the expansion activities without stopping. after the coach announced the team rules such as mentality adjustment and prohibition, all the members were divided into six groups. after brainstorming, loud team slogans, loud team songs and distinctive team logo appeared one by one, opening the prelude to expansion.
Mobilization meeting
Each team style
In the next two days, six teams challenged the "decisive stalagmite" orienteering project, Jiaolong sailing, password analysis, team power circle and other series of projects.
Colorful expansion activities
In the evening, a passionate bonfire party was held, and the birthday of the partner born in April was celebrated.
Bonfire Party
Although the weather is stormy from time to time, the well-designed expansion projects have aroused everyone's strong interest and enthusiasm. In the process of cross-development experience, team members have been confused, confused and complained, but in the end, with the joint cooperation, they have conquered projects that were once considered impossible to complete. After each project is over, everyone shares the joy of success and the passion of challenge, fully realized the management consciousness and art closely related to the work, such as team trust, effective communication, empathy, reasonable organization, leadership, execution and team cooperation.
Activity speech and leadership speech
The two-day expansion activity soon ended, and the team members were still not satisfied. All the members were moved by their companions, moved by themselves, proud of themselves, and even more proud of their team. Through this expansion activity, I deeply realized the following points:
1. Clarify the responsibilities of team members, implement the division of labor, perform their respective duties, and avoid "multiple government departments";
2, clear goals, make a good plan, and then start action;
3. Learn to communicate effectively, reach an agreement with team members through empathy, and jointly complete the task;
4. Mutual trust is the cornerstone of teamwork. Without trust, we are a team without combat effectiveness;
5, have the spirit of never giving up.
We firmly believe that with this team of unity and cooperation, enterprising and passionate, Arteco's tomorrow will be more beautiful and brilliant!