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Review 2019 Outlook 2020 Arteco Wish You a Happy New Year in the Year of the Rat


Vientiane is updated at the beginning of the new year. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, all employees of Chongqing Artek Technology Co., Ltd. extend their lofty respect and cordial greetings to the new and old users and friends from all walks of life who care about and support the development of the company, to the hard-working employees working in the front line, and to the family members who are unknown and actively support the work of the company's employees.
2019 is a year of hard work for Artaike people, and it is also a year of not forgetting the original intention and building dreams. Our development is inseparable from your support and care. Your understanding and trust is a powerful driving force for our progress. Thank you for your care and support. Along the way, thank you, here we express our heartfelt thanks.
In 2019, we will work hard and never stop the pace of self-transcendence. In 2019, we have achieved remarkable results.
1. Honor and Affirmation
CCTV-Special Report on "Quality" Column of Discovery Tour
In June 2019, CCTV-Discovery Tour Channel's "Quality" column broadcast a special report on enterprises:
"The only one who is constant has a way-walk into Arteko"
Certificate of Intellectual Property Management System
In June 2019, Artek passed the Enterprise Intellectual Property Management System Certification GB/T 29490-2013
AAA Credit Enterprise Certificate
In April 2019, Artec received a AAA credit unit certificate.
2. Presentation and communication
In March, Artest China2019 Munich-Shanghai Electronics Show in electronica
In May, Artest was at the Wuhan Automotive Technology Test Exhibition.
In September, Artest was available at the 2019 Auto Testing and Quality Control Expo (China)
(AutomotiveTestingExpo China2019)
In December, Artest was held at the 2019 Auto Winter Test Forum (Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province)
Artek vehicle low temperature environmental chamber (UT78-4020-RB) located at Heihe Red River Valley vehicle test site
3. Industry Association and Standard Committee Member Unit
The 2019 Annual Meeting of Laboratory Instruments Branch of China Instrument and Meter Association held in Chongqing
China Instrument and Meter Association Laboratory Instrument Branch of the enterprise responsible person to Arteco company to visit and exchange
In December, the 8th inaugural meeting and standard review meeting of the National Technical Committee on Environmental Conditions and Environmental Tests for Electrical and Electronic Products, and the relevant technical leaders of our company were invited to attend the meeting as experts of the 8th Standards Committee.
4. Research and innovation, and constantly beyond
ATEC full spectrum simulation walk-in test cabin
ATEC four-column tire coupling road simulation environmental chamber (with sunlight simulation)
ATEC ATEC hydrogen fuel cell explosion-proof plateau climate cabin
ATEC Evaporative airtight test chamber
5. Industrial integration and cluster development
Following the successful construction and operation of Chongqing Artek Environmental Reliability Testing Technology Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Artek Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (Artek Third Party Laboratory in Chongqing and Guizhou), we will put into operation Shanghai Artek Testing Technology Co., Ltd. in 2019. The laboratory covers an area of 1000 m2. The company is a third-party testing structure with independent legal personality.
The tide is flat and the broad sail is strong, taking advantage of the momentum to open up a new chapter. In 2020, we will unswervingly follow the company's strategic plan, continue to adhere to the market-oriented, increase product research and development efforts, improve product quality management, make every effort to govern, carry forward the past, and create more brilliant performance with industrious hands.
In the new year and new hope, on the occasion of this New Year, I once again sincerely wish you all a happy year of the Rat, smooth work, grand plans, and good luck!