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Walking into ATEC, witnessing Arteke's persistence and commitment to quality -- CCTV Discovery Tour "Quality" column makes a special report on Arteke


In November 2018, through the rigorous qualification examination and on-the-spot investigation of the "Quality" column group of CCTV-Discovery Tour, Artest can successfully sign a contract with the "Quality" column as a listed enterprise in the research and development and manufacturing of China's environmental and reliability test equipment, and speak for the quality of China's environmental test products.
In December 2018, the CCTV-Discovery Tour "Quality" team entered ATEC to shoot and record Artek's adherence and commitment to quality. Then the team went to many places to edit and shoot, and after post-editing and production, it was finally officially broadcast today, June 20, 2019!
In the program, Xu Bin, chairman and general manager of Arteco, reviewed the start and development of China's environmental test equipment, as well as the struggle to lead Arteco people to overcome difficulties and make continuous breakthroughs, demonstrating Arteco's long-term adherence to quality and technology research and development.
The column group photographed and displayed the use of ATEC products in the customer units, and received strong cooperation and support from the customer units during the shooting. I would like to thank the customer units in the film: China Aerospace Science and Industry Group 201, Nanjing Jinlong bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and 514 Institute of the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group (in no particular order).
The development and growth of ArteKo is inseparable from the support of friends. ArteKo will repay the trust and support of customers and friends with excellent products and reliable quality. Thank you all!