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Welcome to 2019! Arteco wishes new and old customers a happy New Year!


The pace of 2018 is fading away, and 2019 is coming to us with the breath of winter. The new year opens up new hopes, and the new journey carries new dreams. On the occasion of New Year's Day in 2019, Artek Company extends holiday greetings to the employees and their families who have been fighting in every job of the company in the past year, and expresses heartfelt thanks to the customers who care about and support the development of Artek Company! I wish you all a happy family, all the best, good luck and prosperity in the new year!
The past year has been a year of hard work, but also a year of bumper harvests and fruitful results. Under the leadership of the company and with the joint efforts of all Arteco people, Arteco has achieved fruitful results in the fields of environmental testing equipment, reliability testing and physical and chemical instruments. The laboratories in Chongqing and Guizhou have obtained CNAS certification. ATEC test boxes exported to Europe have been well received and recognized by customers. They have been greatly displayed in domestic industry exhibitions and international exhibitions and promoted by regional markets.
Artek's sales performance for three consecutive years by leaps and bounds, ATEC brand in the user units and application industry is increasingly deepening and strengthening, ATEC equipment word-of-mouth effect gradually formed. At the just-concluded 2018 annual sales meeting, all sales regions were higher than last year's performance, and a considerable number of regions doubled their growth compared with last year. The sales front-line comrades were very excited and full of confidence in the coming year.
In 2018, the company cooperated with the consultant team and continued to push forward the modularization work. In 2018, the company further improved and strengthened the ERP system. In 2018, the company made breakthroughs in several research and development projects. In 2018, the company passed the acceptance of several difficult non-standard equipment such as thermal vacuum, freezing rain and high wind speed, and was highly affirmed by the user units. In 2018, we worked hard to reap our harvest and forge ahead.
The CCTV documentary channel "Quality" program team has just finished its shooting mission in the company. After New Year's Day, it will transfer to Artek's user unit for on-site shooting. The program truly shows Artek's ups and downs and course of more than ten years. The program shows Artek's original intention of founding and Artek's feelings of striving for the domestic environmental test equipment to enter the world's first class, it shows the affirmation and recognition of the user unit for Artekor and Artekor equipment. The documentary will be broadcast on CCTV Discovery Journey Channel after the Spring Festival.
Looking back on the past, we are full of gratitude and looking forward to the future, we will continue to work hard. In the new year, opportunities and challenges coexist, glory and dreams coexist. 2019 is destined to be a more brilliant year for Arteco.
We hope to cooperate happily with new and old Artek users in mid -2019 and create success together. Please continue to pay attention to our latest developments. Finally, once again, I sincerely wish my friends a prosperous career, all the best, good health and family happiness in the new year!