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ATEC was invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Center of the National Engineering Laboratory of electric vehicles and made a wonderful speech


A few days ago, the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Center of the National Engineering Laboratory of Electric Vehicles and the "New Energy Vehicle Development Forum" was held in Pudong Jinqiao. ATEC, as the equipment supply unit of the laboratory center, was invited to attend the unveiling ceremony. The relevant technical director of ATEC made a wonderful speech and report on the testing technology of new energy batteries.
The unveiling and formal operation of the center not only marks the formal application of the largest third-party laboratory for new energy vehicles and core components in Pudong, but also will strongly promote the development of domestic intelligent networked new energy vehicles. As a listed enterprise in the domestic environmental test equipment industry, Artest has been at the forefront of the industry in the research and development of new energy vehicle test equipment and related technologies. From explosion-proof test chamber to plateau simulation (low air pressure) test chamber, from high-precision battery cell test chamber to three comprehensive test chambers, ATEC products have wide application and good reputation in major automobile manufacturers, state key laboratories and famous third-party testing units. At the unveiling ceremony, Arteco's technical director made a wonderful speech on the application of environmental test box in the field of new energy vehicle power battery testing technology, reflecting ATEC's deep accumulation in new energy vehicle testing technology, and the sharing of relevant technical difficulties and solutions was highly recognized by peers and experts present.