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2014 Company 6S Launch Ceremony Held Successfully



6S Purpose:
(1) Improve and enhance corporate image
A neat and tidy working environment is easy to attract customers and make them feel comfortable; at the same time, due to the spread of word of mouth, the company will become a role model for other companies, which can greatly improve the prestige of the company.
(2) to promote efficiency
With a good working environment and working atmosphere, coupled with a very cultured partner, employees can concentrate and do their job conscientiously, which is bound to greatly improve efficiency. Just think, if employees are always in a disorderly work environment, the mood will inevitably be affected. The mood is not high, the drive is not big, and where does the economic benefit come from? Therefore, promoting 6S is one of the effective ways to promote efficiency improvement.
(3) Improve the turnover rate of parts in the library.
When needed, useful items can be taken out immediately, and the logistics between supply and demand is smooth, which can greatly reduce the time spent in finding the items needed. Therefore, the turnover rate of parts in the warehouse can be effectively improved.
(4) Reduce or eliminate failures and ensure quality.
Good quality comes from a good working environment. The working environment, only through regular cleaning, spot inspection and inspection, and constantly purify the working environment, can effectively avoid fouling or damage to machinery, maintain the high efficiency of equipment, and improve production quality.
(5) Ensure safe production of enterprises
Sorting out, rectifying and cleaning must be clearly stored, things must be placed in their original positions, the workplace should be kept spacious and bright, the channel should be unblocked at any time, things that should not be placed should not be placed on the ground, the factory should be new and orderly, the occurrence of accidents will naturally be greatly reduced accordingly, and of course safety will be guaranteed.
(6) Reduce production costs
The sixth purpose is to reduce the production cost. By implementing or implementing 6S, an enterprise can greatly reduce the waste of personnel, equipment, places, time, etc., thereby reducing production costs.
(7) Improve the mental outlook of employees and make the organization dynamic
The seventh purpose can obviously improve the mental outlook of employees and make the organization glow with a strong vitality. Employees have a sense of dignity and achievement, dedicated to their work, and led to the improvement of ideology.
(8) Shorten the operating cycle and ensure delivery.
Promote 6S, through the implementation of sorting, rectification, cleaning, cleaning to achieve standard management, enterprise management will be clear at a glance, so that the abnormal phenomenon is obvious, personnel, equipment, time will not cause waste. Enterprise production can be correspondingly very smooth, the efficiency of the operation will inevitably improve, the operating cycle will inevitably be shortened accordingly, to ensure that the delivery date is foolproof.