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Procurement Engineer


Minimum Education:

Junior college

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:


Work area:



1. Procurement market research, procurement demand analysis, supplier development, sample verification tracking, feedback and problem handling;

2. Purchase order execution, business negotiation (including inquiry and negotiation, payment method, quality assurance, delivery guarantee and service commitment, etc.), preparation of contract agreement and implementation of contract process;

3, the purchase of materials cost analysis, cost accounting, cost control, price reduction implementation;

4, procurement of materials delivery period guarantee, delivery period tracking, delivery control;

5, purchase material receipt, material inspection, material exchange, material return;

6. Problem feedback, quality traceability, problem handling and service coordination;

7, invoice collection, bill verification, payment plan, payment application, payment implementation;

8. Supplier management, regular review, qualification certification, capability assessment, supplier elimination, qualified list update, file maintenance, supply chain maintenance;

9, legal risk avoidance, litigation issues.


1. Junior College degree or above, major in mechanical and electrical, electrical, mechanical, materials and other related fields, can accept fresh graduates

2. Experience in bidding and purchasing of equipment manufacturing enterprises, and experience in production process, quality management, engineering technology, R & D and design is preferred;

2, with procurement expertise, cost budget related knowledge, financial related knowledge, laws and regulations knowledge;

4, familiar with manufacturing supplier management, outsourcing processing process, procurement business process and bidding business process;

5. Have strong communication, expression, organization, coordination and negotiation skills, adapt to cross-departmental communication and cooperation, have good analytical and problem-solving skills, and have strong team spirit;

6. Have a high degree of professionalism, sense of responsibility and dedication, have strong & amp;amp;#039; ability to resist pressure, be able to adapt to high-intensity work, obey the company's management and scheduling, and adapt to travel as needed;

7, skilled use of erp system, oa, office and other computer office software, have certain document writing ability, English reading and writing ability and data analysis and processing ability;