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After Sales Engineer


Minimum Education:

Junior college

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:


Work area:


Job responsibilities

1. Handle customer product technical complaints, timely feedback results to customers and regular return visits;

2, independent on-site maintenance, guidance work, and registration of relevant records;

3. Guide end customers to use products correctly, solve common problems, introduce relevant knowledge and collect and sort out customer feedback information;

4, according to the complaint summary and market feedback to the technical department to put forward product improvement opinions, coordinate the formulation of improvement plans, and promote the improvement of product quality.

5, cooperate with sales to do a good job in product marketing;


1, between the age of 22-40 years old, college degree or above, mechanical and electrical related professional, can accept fresh graduates

2, engaged in environmental testing equipment industry, HVAC industry, low temperature refrigeration industry related work experience is preferred

3. Good health and cheerful personality;

4, hard-working, can withstand long-term travel

5. Good expression skills and strong communication skills;

6. decent style, good conduct, honesty and trustworthiness, strong sense of responsibility, good professionalism and team spirit