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Sales Engineer


Minimum Education:

Junior college

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:


Work area:



1, according to the company's sales tasks to carry out sales work, complete the sales indicators;

2, the existing market and customer analysis, find the potential needs of customers, to achieve sales targets;

3, according to the characteristics of customer needs, to provide customers with the best product solutions;

4. Responsible for coordinating various internal and external resources, solving problems in the process of project implementation and improving customer satisfaction;

5. Through customer return visits, understand customer needs and potential needs to improve customer satisfaction and promote customer secondary development;

6, other work matters confessed by the superior leadership.

Job Requirements

1, full-time unified recruitment Junior College degree or above, marketing major, finance major, engineering major is preferred

2. Age 20-40

3. Love sales work, quick thinking, good eloquence and market development experience;

4. Strong communication, coordination and teamwork skills, good personal image and temperament;

5, Have good professional ethics, pragmatic, can bear hardships and stand hard work

6, can accept long-term business trip or overseas